The Wearable that Improves Emotional Awareness

Built to help your children of all ages manage their stress and emotions.



TULLY is a new paradigm in ADHD treatment, integrating the well-established principles of biofeedback in a manner that children can easily engage with. The discrete sensors in the bracelet monitors the level of agitation a child is experiencing. Real time data processing allows, for the first time, a perfectly timed behavioral modification intervention, with much better results than dealing with the post factum effects of an unchecked hyperactivity event.

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Biometric Sensors

To provide the most accurate readings, Tully takes a multifaceted approach to monitoring biometrics.

Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
SpO2 Blood Oxygen Concentration
Skin Temperature
Galvanic Skin Response
Movement & Position

AI-based tracking and notifications

Tully’s AI algorithm built on a large database learns early signs of agitation and calibrates to each user’s own base line, and provides discreet alert and neurofeedback guidance back to a calm state whenever needed.

Track. Analyze. Share

The tracked agitation score available on the Tully online platform offers full visibility in the stress level and behavior across the day. The detailed biometric data can also be shared with medical professionals to give them an in-depth view of progress.


Emotion monitoring and control for children diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) validation study
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AI development and initial evaluation of emotion regulation intervention

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Clinical trials for therapeutic assistant medical device certification – in preparation


Marius Rus
Co-Founder & CEO
Adina Rus
Co-Founder & COO
Victor Barna
Co-Founder & CTO
Florin Lazar
Co-Founder & Head of Hardware

Contact Us

Baita nr. 10
Cluj-Napoca, Romania